7 Facts You Did Not Know About Black Friday


Jumia Black Friday is almost here!!! You can tell we are very excited!  Think you know everything about Black Friday? Here are some facts you may never have heard of.

  • Black Friday Was Once a Stock Market Term

It was first used as far back as the nineteenth century, September 24th, 1869 to be specific when the price of gold plummeted.   Black Friday used to refer to stock market crashes.

  • It was popularised by the Police

The US Philadephia Police made the term popular in the 1960s. They used it to describe the overwhelming traffic congestion they had to contend with during throughout the weekend.

  • A US President was once petitioned over Black Friday

President Franklin Roosevelt’s office was once flooded with messages from concerned citizens. They demanded a change in the chosen date for Thanksgiving which invariably influenced Black Friday.

  • It became a recognised terminology in the 1990s.

Black Friday became a thing in the 90s when it was nationally accepted in the United States.

  • Black Friday was once called Big Friday

An attempt was made to change Black Friday to Big Friday, possibly because of the traffic and smog that results from then offline shopping. Of course, it didn’t work! We love us some Black Friday!!

  • The First Jumia Black Friday was in 2014

In 2014, Jumia joined the global shopping tradition,

  • Jumia is Set to Break a Black Friday Record!

Jumia Black Friday 2018 is slated to hold from November 2nd to November 30th! Yes, you heard right! For 24 days, the Jumia Black Friday will be lighting up Nigeria with deals, discounts and giveaways!! Get ready. Learn how to stay ahead for all the juicy features.

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