Jumia Fashion at LFDW – the people behind the production


Jumia Fashion at LFDW

One of Jumia’s strongest assets are the people that work here. So I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the awesome achievements we had in campaigning for Jumia Fashion at LFDW, which was only possible because Jumians pulled together to bring the best fashion week experience to our customers’ fingertips.

It started when we first secured our partnership with LFDW. We were very excited and keen to use the opportunity to showcase Jumia Fashion in all its glory. As you know, we have thousands of fashion products on Jumia, so we decided to go with a theme highlighting 3 different ways that Jumia can help customers satisfy their fashion needs.

We ultimately decided on showcasing Jumia Fashion and We Love Style blog for trends, Jumia Local for trads, and Jumia Luxury for designer labels.

Now, the dilemma was we had very little time and no resources. Furthermore, considering the high profile nature of the event, we couldn’t afford any mistakes.

So we had a competition on instagram where we found the gorgeous model Damilola Bolarinde, who was chosen to star in the campaign. She wowed us during the casting interview, and gave an electrifying performance in our fashion video and on the LFDW runway. Then I reached out to Jumians in an email to the entire company, and the support came pouring in! We had people volunteering to provide makeup services, styling, modelling, etc. Before I knew it, we had a fully staffed creative team and we got to work within days.

First we worked on  the campaign video (click on the images below to view the backstage gallery)


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We were working with people across departments in the company that had never met each other before, but with meticulous planning and preparation, it all went perfectly! But more importantly, everyone had so much fun as you can see from the pics!!

The outcome was awesome!

[su_heading]JUMIA FASHION VIDEO[/su_heading]


Then during fashion week itself, we needed several hands to be able to give our fans the best access and coverage of LFDW through social media. Once again, Jumians rallied together and spent multiple days in addition to their daily duties, working to make our time at LFDW a success. We had people running social media competitions for our fans, live streaming the shows on social media, sharing backstage videos and so on. They chased after celebrities and fashion influencers to bring you the best pics and insights from the event.

This made me feel proud to be a Jumian. The knowledge that a collection of smart and driven people are willing to volunteer their own personal time and efforts and work together towards achieving a common goal. I recognise that this a rare trait to find these days, therefore I have to take this opportunity to appreciate each and every one of them.

So, to all the Jumians who volunteered and worked to make our presence at LFDW a success, I want to say a big thank you, and let you know that you are truly valued and appreciated. I had SO much fun working with you.


Campaign Video VOLUNTEERS


  • Social media team – Dilly Abia, Imaobong Akpan-Ita, Adaeze Amalu, Doris Onwuagba, Kola Salami, Olufunke Olofinlua, Nunu Emikoren, Abbey, Alaezi Akpuru
  • X Retail team – Ademikhe Agbi, Oladimeji Solabi

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Written by – Bili Sule (@bilisule), Head of New Business Development