Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – TECNO AND MUSIC – THE WAY FORWARD


The Jumia Mobile week is a 7 day event with Jumia Nigeria in collaboration with its partners to promote mobile penetration, impact and value in Nigeria. This year Tecno Mobile, who is one of the Gold Partners for this event, is set to navigate and set the pace for both the Nigeria mobile and entertainment industry.

Mr Chidi Okonkwo, Deputy Country Manager of Tecno Mobile said that Tecno as a mobile giant in this industry is moving towards a stronger market position.The Tech giant’s boss shared insights that highlighted Tecno’s shift towards quality music entertainment.

It is clear that Nigerians make informed decisions when buying their smart phones; the trend is more common among young smart phone users who are willing to pay the price to get their desired value in a smart device.

As such Mr. Chidi. Okonkwo stated, “Nigerians love music and that is what BOOM J7 will give its users, it is a smart phone with all the functions of a premium mobile device but brings more to the table with noise  cancellation technology, double amplifier technology; one for the speaker and another for the ear phone and smart touch”  .

BOOM J7 is the right product in the right market

Mr Chidi Okonkwo, Deputy Country Manager of Tecno Mobile believes the launch of Tecno’s flagship “Music phone” BOOM J7 is a clear demonstration of market insight generated by the Tech giant. He said for the insight that Nigerians love music is well established but not fully exploited. It will once again take the innovative and pioneering market penetration strategy for which TECNO Mobile has come to be known for, to develop the right product that meets market expectation on quality music delivered from the next generation of smart entertainment mobile devices.

TECNO curates best music albums and debuts on BOOM mobile app

TECNO Mobile’s idea of a holistic mobile entertainment is captured on BOOM J7 pre-installed music app jam-packed with local and international hit songs that users could either stream live or download directly into their smart phone library.

Every component of the BOOM J7 is put together to compliment music including its Full metal Hi-Fi headset with noise cancellation technology. This push in the direction of music is a clear marketing move which aims to grow market share in the youth market and further position the Tech giant as a leader at the high-end mobile segment.

Make it a date! The Tecno Boom J7 will be available at best prices among other Tecno phones during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon!