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The Infinix revolution is in full swing! Never has any institution provided us with hit after hit since perhaps the Fast and Furious Franchise. Ever since the Infinix Zero burst into the scene, loyalty has been sworn and hearts have most definitely been won over. Putting the three metrics of features, performance and price, into consideration there is hardly any phone manufacturing company that can come close to Infinix. To our delight, a new flagship phone which will eclipse the heights set by #JIMsBigThing is on its way.

As with the trend of #JIMsBigThing, Infinix have taken it upon themselves to keep their cards close to their chest. Very few details have been released thus far but taking into consideration the few facts which have been let out, they definitely are rubbing the right spot.

Here is your opportunity however to win a free invite to the official launch of the Next Hero which holds on the 28th of May at the Main Auditorium of the University Of Lagos! To win an invite, simply answer these questions below!

Concerning the Next Hero, Infinix are still keeping their cards close to their chest but here is some of what we know thus far:

It will be tougher than tough:

The soon to be released instalment by Infinix has been said to be made of Kevlar! If you are not familiar with the material Kevlar well here is what it is all about! Kevlar is an ultra flexible material that can resist high temperatures (150 to 160 degrees) and is five times stronger than steel. It has been used in the manufacturing of many products which have ranged from bicycle tires to body armours. Talk about a tough act to follow!


It will have a Samsung Super HD Amoled Screen:

We also know that the new release from Infinix will spot a Samsung Super HD Amoled screen. Just like a Samsung HD television, we can be rest assured that this dazzling display will be built for breathtaking entertainment. It is crystal clear where our heart is!


It will be lighter than a feather and slimmer than a size zero model:

What more can one ask for? In a world today where some phones require you to join the #fitfam before you consider purchasing them, the new Infinix flagship phone is definitely much welcome. Also, how lovely is it to slip your phone into your pocket without it being conspicuous to the world? This is one super model we all want to meet!


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3 thoughts on “Win 1 of 50 Invites to The Infinix Next Hero Party!”

  1. This is amzing phone that super among the other phone . Easy to access and operate ..
    Giving kudos to infinix

    Keep on d good wrk. Naija expecting more from u

    Jide oladokun

  2. Currently the best and affordable phone in the market.there is no satisfaction that can match infinix phones when you purchase one that sues your expectation.big way to go,keep it coming up.

  3. I wish i have this lovely infinix. Infact infinix have done a nice job. WELLDONE INFINIX.

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