Lagos Traffic || 3 Ways to remain sane in the traffic gridlock


Lagos is a city of hustlers but notorious for its traffic gridlock. It’s bumper to bumper complexity can send the average driver crazy in less than an hour. From the Danfo drivers, motorcycles and Keke Napep trying to waave their way of the traffic jam, there is the possibility that drivers may snap and engage in the exchange of blows in public.

Even the law enforcement agents loose their cool, throw caution to the wind and enagage in a fight with some of the public transport drivers who have proven within the few minutes of traffic jam to be in need of a psychiatric test.

Here are three ways you are some ways to keep your cool in the midst of this gridlock:

Tune to Traffic RadioDue to the distasteful traffic, the Lagos State Government on May 29, 2012 launched the Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM to inform Lagosians about the gridlock. They offer information on alternative routes and locations where the gridlock is worse. They work in conjunction with the Lagos State Road Maintenance Agency (LASMA) and it is a reliable platform to get traffic information.

Call a friend or bae: It is wrong to call against the traffic rules to make receive calls while without the use of an earpiece. Calling a loved one is a great way to pass time through the traffic. Once you have the right phone accessories, you are free from Lastma and FRSC to make unlimited calls.

Charge you phone: You would surprised how your mood can decline from 100 – 0 when you are stuck in traffic and your phone runs out of juice. Always have a car charger to be able to connect to your loved ones.

Heed our advice. Lagos gridlock is very infectious.





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