She Likes it Big, Time For an upgrade


Are you a 3-4 inches man? Does she want to touch your device at the sight of it or she simply just looks the other way? Does she feel proud and satisfied anytime you bring out your device to use it? If you are not sure or stuttering with your response, I will give you a man-to-man advice, Upgrade!

Frankly, ladies love the good things of life and these things come in exquisite packages. You can be sure she would go the whole nine yards when its sleek, very responsive, has an aesthetic covering, enough juice to last more than a session of intense action and at least 5.0 inches to guarantee her a long stay.

You might have her attention but you can gain her interest if you just make that switch. Whether you have been friend-zoned, looking to land that dream lady or trying to Netflix and chill let your mobile phone speak for you. After all, appearance is what matters.

How disheartening will it be to for her to want a selfie with you and that much anticipated picture has a terrible image quality or it runs out of juice before you say jack or the screen is cracked and seems like a wall paper. Be the classic man, join the Jumia Mobile Week.

The Jumia Mobile Week is upon us and there is no better time than now to prepare to make that upgrade to that phone you have always wanted at a very juicy discount. You can be sure to get the phone reviews from your favourite brands from now until the 29th of May, 2016 to guide you into selecting the very best phone to suit your needs.


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  1. Yipeee! Jumia mobile week, its time for me to make that BIG upgrade #Ilovejumia #Ilovejumiamobileweek

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