Moses emerges lucky winner of the iPhone X Treasure Hunt


Little did Moses Toluwase Sulaimon know he will be the lucky winner of the highly priced iPhone X when he came to Lagos on a short visit

We caught up with him at the office and he told us the whole the scoop that led to his journey to the victory as the winner of Jumia Treasure Hunt.

According to Moses, who is a University of Abuja Graduate of Computer Science, he just came to spend some time with a friend and he got a free invite to the #TraceJumiaMADFest which he decided to attend.

“I actually came to Lagos on a short visit and the person I stay with at Yaba told me of the #TraceJumiaMADFest. He urged me to attend and I did, since I came on a short visit to sight-see Lagos,” Moses said.

The opportunity presented itself at the #TraceJumiaMADFest when the Treasure Hunt for the day was announced at a whopping 100,000 naira. No one braced up for this search better than Moses. He enlisted the help of his friend as they began the long odious search on the website.

“I searched for the iPhone all over the website, from the beginning of the Jumia Black Friday concert till the end on the Jumia App. It was a very long search, that took over 4 hours. I went about filtering items on the website using the New in filter on the App.”

A very elated Moses who was beaming with smiles said he gave out of frustration. “I gave up searching the website. My friend and I were seated under the shed provided by Jumia Food where we used our phones in ransacking the website. I gave up but my friend continued to search.”

Luck was soon to shine over his efforts as he continued to filter the web pages via the App. “I searched 10 categories and 30 sub categories,” Moses added.

“The Breakthrough finally came after Falz performance when luck shined on Moses hard concert efforts. I wanted to take a picture backstage with Falz but I couldn’t catch up as Falz drove off. So I was downcast and returned back to the show quietly.”

It was at that point that the host motioned ten people to come on stage to find the iPhone X. That was the breakthrough for me because I was among the lucky people to be close to the stage at the time and since I had filtered the pages for so long, I could predict where the iPhone X would likely be,” Moses Toluwase said.

Moses Toluwase Sulaimon confided to us that the iPhone X was hidden in the diapers section of the website and renamed with a very funny name but was sold at the same price of a hundred and one thousand naira, and he laughed uncontrollably at the astounding discovery.

“Since I had filtered the website all day, I knew the treasure had to be found in the diapers section. When I found it, it was at a 101,000 naira and it had a funny name but the picture was still the same. I didn’t expect the hunt to be simple, but I didnt expect it to be that difficult to find. I am so happy and excited, I have not seen anyone with the device other than artistes who can afford the luxury of an iPhone X.”

When asked if he will keep the phone, he said:

I won an iPhone X even when I don’t have a car yet. I would try to use the phone but if I get any life threats for using such a huge phone, I would most probably sell it or give it out. The phone is quite huge and I don’t know any regular person who can afford such type of phone.”

“The hunch to find the phone was just there since I had already filtered the whole webpage and found nothing.”

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