SPIN and WIN! Have a GO at the Wheel of Fortune Now! 2017


This campaign has ended!

Have a GO at the Jumia Wheel of Fortune and Win Everyday!

Don’t blow your chance to spin the Jumia Wheel of Fortune!

You asked for it and your sure gonna get it.

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Don’t sleep on the bicycle! Take your chance and Win!

Jumia Black Friday is in its 5th day and lots of people have been winning exciting vouchers off amazing deals. If you got one chance to get extra discount off your extra purchase, won’t you take it?

You can be the be the next to win #8,000 on your next purchase.

Take your chance today! Don’t Stall! Try your luck Now!

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3 thoughts on “SPIN and WIN! Have a GO at the Wheel of Fortune Now! 2017”

  1. I have spinned and won a voucher but still wondering what to do with the voucher number,please kindly help me of how or where to redeem the voucher please

    1. Hi Kaffas, Today, you can choose from an assortment of discounted products and shop up to the limit as the specified at the wheel of fortune. Then simply input the voucher code in the text specified for discount codes, select a mode of payment and buy

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