Music Review: Easy (jeje) by Reekado Banks


In similarly relatable circumstances, with every boy girl relationship, Reekado tells us another popular story with one of his songs, Easy (jeje).

Jeje which is the pidgin interpretation for the English grammatical content word (Easy) is a song with a plea to his lady to take things calm.

This simple song with a danceable rhythm goes ahead to validate the MAVIN’s artiste as a multi talented act that has proven himself consistent and versatile to marry any genre together and still flow perfectly.

The musical monologue which is a direct address to his lover to be patient with him and consider his proposal of marriage on the first date is outrageous. And quite impossible for the people in the cadre who believe that love at first sight is untrue, fake or just a fictional concept known only to exist in music.

I mean, how can you just propose marriage to a lady at the first meet up?

Sure, you will be met with a funny reply like the condition his lover gives him.

A million dollars for a bride price is quite much for one lady don’t you think?

There you have it, Reekado Banks dilemma in this song, Easy, jeje. I believe it is a musical comical dilemma. The lyrics are quite profound and sound is great as well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Easy will jejely score a 7/10 for me. The lyrics well tally to the theme; not also excluding the reality the “Move” crooner brings into this song. It is something that can well happen and the demand for a million bucks is a very possible dilemma that can easily occur.

In a society where several demands are laid down at elaborate weddings, this could well just happen.