No Bra Day: Have a Mammogram today!


Boobies are Fantastic… We all think so. And what better way to express the way we feel than to support a full day of boobie freedom??

As part of efforts to promote the October 1-31 Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jumia has joined the rest of the world to raise awareness for the October 13 National No Bra Day. National No Bra Day is meant to promote breast cancer awareness and to help raise money for research. Many women who have survived breast cancer are unable to go without a bra as they need it to hold their prosthesis after surgery. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National No Bra Day should serve as a reminder for all women to be screened for breast cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, the statistics for breast cancer in Nigeria are daunting. Over 2 million Nigerians (the majority of them women) have died from cancer, and breast cancer is the leading cancer scourge affecting humans. Further research say as one gets older, the risk increases. Over 80% of all female breast cancers occur among women aged 50+ years (after menopause).

Although, there is no current research that directly links wearing a bra to a higher breast cancer risk, can you just leave your bra at home today?

Jumia is encouraging and appealing to you to make an appointment for a mammogram today.



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    1. Hi Kola. lol. Being a ‘boob-man’ should spur you to support the breast cancer awareness campaign.

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