Now That Your Beard Has Connected | Men’s Grooming Guide


HAY! Clap for yourself! You have officially arrived and earned your bragging right. All your struggles are over and you can toss that bottle of spirit you rub on your face every night because today, your beard has finally connected. Praise His name!

We at Jumia are here to give you tips to not only make sure that your condition is permanent, but to ease you into this new role of a bona fide baby boy. The girls on your Snapchat and Instagram are not ready!


You’re new to the life and you just let it grow anyhow because you must tension them. How else will they know that you’re a card carrying member of the beard gang right?

First of all, calm down and invest in some good clippers. This Wahl Professional Series Clipper set is for the big boys in the big leagues but you too, you’ve earned it. You’ll need a spray water bottle like the ones the natural hair sistas have to spritz your beard at night when you’re too lazy to shower. Why do you need to wet your facial hair you ask? Because dry hair can’t properly absorb the beard oil that you’re slathering on your face every day. If you didn’t know that beard oil was a thing, try this Leven Rose Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner and thank us when your DMs explode.


You’ve been a member of the Beard Gang for a while now and you know it’s not just about the beard. It’s the total package that gets the girls lining up like the mob outside Vapours at Christmas time.

Up your groom game with this Newgain Rechargeable Haircut and Beard Trimmer that comes with aftershave and a Paiter Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer. The advantage of trimming your nose hairs becomes clear when you’re trying to talk to a girl over a foot shorter than you. We know you didn’t even think of that, but Jumia’s got you. If you have that super curly hair that gets Instagram likes, it could wreak havoc on your face with ingrown hairs. Stop those unsightly bumps with High Time Bump Stopper and ORIFLAME Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub for silky smooth skin.


We don’t know what we can tell you that you don’t already know; you’ve had a full beard and chest hair since Primary 5 but we will still try. May we offer you this Paiter Cordless Grooming Set? It has many different attachments for all your styling needs? At this point your options for how to kill the babes are limited. Stunt on them from head to toe, from the Universal 5 in 1 Deep Face Cleanser and Face Massager to ORIFLAME Feet Up Advanced Rescue Treatment Foot Mask.

What we’re saying is that winning at having a beard goes beyond the just beard to the complete package. You want to give them something worth looking at when they finally get over your magnificent facial masterpiece.

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