Plasma TV vs LED TV: The Best Choice


Hello J fam,
LED or Plasma? Which TV to get? Struggle of life. Because let’s be honest, most of you can’t tell the difference. You just know they are all “flat screen, right?. Smile! That’s about to change. Check these out:


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1. High brightness, contrast and color accuracy
2. Saves a lot of energy (In this part of the continent, trust me, that goes a long way)
3. Thin and sleek unlike the rest. For those looking into size when buying a tv
1. They are usually more expensive than the plasma TVs.
2. There have been complaints about the inability to view images on the screen from extreme angles.
3. In terms of audio output, it was noticed that it does not bring out the best of sounds.

Plasma TV

1. Excellent picture quality even when viewed from extreme angles.
2. Excellent choice for rooms with normal to low-light conditions.
3. Excellent for action scenes as plasma displays have almost zero motion blur.
1. Consumes fairly high electricity.
2. Display quality may get affected at external temperatures higher than 35°c
3. The TV gets noisy at times due to the cooling unit inside.

So tell us in the comments, Plasma Tv vs LED Tv, which would you have now?


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