What are you doing with that special someone this Valentine?


Valentines Day 2016 is this weekend ladies and gentlemen! What are doing with that special someone? If you’re out of ideas, here’s a little something to help solve charm your loved one this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

  1. Cinemas: This is such an easy choice, isn’t it. You get watch a movie with your loved one in the midst of other people and share a few laughs. Thankfully, there’s a scattering of different cinema houses in Lagos – from Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at the Palms in Lekki, to Silverbird Cinemas in Victoria Island and Ikeja, and Ozone Cinemas in Yaba. There’ll be tons of new movies showing on that day, and afterwards, you can do a little bit of shopping at the nearby malls.

  2. Beach: If you’ll rather be close to nature while having a good time with your partner, then the beach is a good choice. Get into a little bit of horse back riding, play in the crashing waves, or just sit down and enjoy the view. Mind you, Lagosians love the beach, so chances are you’ll be sharing the waves, the horses and the view with hundreds of other people. Bummer!

  3. Eatery: Give yourselves a snacky treat at any of your favourite fast food joint. Yes, you’re watching your weight, you’re eating healthy, blah…blah…blah. I get it. But it’s just one day of fun, so feel free to indulge yourself and get your butt whupped later in the gym. This is the best opportunity to dig into Hello foods one of the best fast food in town. Yum yum! *Winks*

  4. Swimming Pool: An evening of lounging at the pool with a chilled glass of Chapman is totally divine. This can be a 2-in-1 combo: go to the beach or the cinemas in the afternoon, and chill by the pool side in the evening. Sounds nice, right? Even if you don’t know how to swim, sitting beside the pool and sipping a drink while in the company of your sweetheart is downright romantic. Try it, you’ll definitely love it.

  5. Picnic: If you don’t appreciate the crowdy groove at the beach or cinemas, or you don’t feel too cool about swimming or anything like that, a picnic at a park around your vicinity is not such a bad idea. Pack a basket of food and a cooler containing drinks for you two, and hit the greenery. There are different cool spots around Lagos where you can achieve this – there’s Shodex Gardens in Mushin, Treasure Gardens in Lekki and Laura Gardens in Opebi. You’ll definitely find a spot to get cozy with your partner.

  6. Your place: So if it happens that you’re not into any of those places mentioned above, you two could just hang out at your place. This time around, I’m specifically referring to the guys. Cook your lady a nice meal and have a candlelight dinner for two. Believe me, this is as romantic as it can get. If you don’t know how to cook, then let her join you in the kitchen and you two will end up having a great time while at it. Who knows, the evening might end with something more than a “thank you” from her. Know what I mean? while at it you can also have fun shopping online on jumia.com