Spy Camera Watch: Spying, James Bond Style


Insert 007 opening soundtrack! Welcome. You are James Bond. What special gadget would you need today? A spy camera watch. To stealthily capture images and shoot videos like a badass action hero that you are.


Now, Mr Bond, before you proceed, let me clue you in. Your spy camera watch doubles as a stealth weapon and a fashionable piece so wear it with gutso. When it’s action time, click the crown (that’s the tiny adjustable button on the side) of your watch. And boom! You’re surveiling your surrouding without anyone being the wiser. Shhh! The camera in the wristwatch is very small and hard to detect. Back in the safety of your home or office, connect the USB cable that comes with your watch to your PC and view your recordings.

Are you feeling really badass yet?

Ok! Here’s more. Wear it with any kind of outfit; formal or casual to fit the ocassion. With 8GB, 16GB, 32 GB variety you are guarateed of ample memory for all your spying action.
No, Mr Bond, we wouldn’t recommend you use it for your dirty little tricks. Strictly business. Say, when you need to catch a lying villain, nasty fellows or for cool digs. Like when you’re bored at a lecture, meeting and need to recollect what was said. Just press record. Or for when you go undercover and visit those annoying strictly no camera zones, your watch is always ready to help you foil criminal activities. And did I mention this highly resourceful, spy-fashiona accessory only retails for less than 10,000 Naira?

Yes! Mr Bond. You are welcome.

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