Power is always fleeting; it can be taken by a stroke of a pen or a tweet in the cybersphere. But the Power of Black is an attitude, it defies status quo and the limit is infinite- just pure passion. And you can wager it echoes in perpetuity.

The Power of Black is like no other. It is a mystery, cannot be silenced or confined. It imprints in the sands of time and clears every doubt. The power of black cannot be faulted or faked!

You can’t wield the Power of Black, if you don’t go black. Its autograph is supreme. Many would climb the highest mountain; sail through the tempest and cross the hottest desert to catch a glimpse of the Power of Black.

Jumia is black! Proudly black! It would be going even dip-black very soon and would be wielding its Power of Black in collaboration with the Nigerian ‘legendary dark knights’.

It is an emancipation from Ember fantasies for all Nigerians whose cravings cannot be contained and are powering the progressive spirit of the Nigerian Ecommerce. It is a pledge to celebrate every Nigerian for who they are by making available what they need.

Brace yourselves! The Power of Black is real and the beautiful ones are about to be born.

Save the date! Friday, 27th of November, 2015. Black Friday!!!