Top Ten Household Appliances For Every Home


Hello J fam,
Let’s say you have to prepare a list of appliances you couldn’t live without, how long would it take you? Wait! Before you answer that question, try to picture a typical day in your life. Did an alarm clock wake you this morning? Did you take a shower or brush your teeth? Did you grab a drink from the fridge? Has the air conditioning kicked on yet to keep you comfortably cool? Were the clothes you put on fresh from the laundry room? Are you done compiling? Now let us compare with what I have down below.

1. Wall Clock:
e now Appliances
2. Fan or Air Conditioner:
3. Washing Machine:

4. Refrigerators:

W020130506648603575135 refrigerator_PNG9062
5. Mobile Phone:

6. Television set:

7. Gas cooker:

large-315473                                        GasStovethreeburnerbranded_1365762380
8. Microwave oven

9. Home theatre:

10. Personal Computer/Laptops

Laptop PC_2010s
So what do you think? Is there any major appliance you think I did not mention? Come on! Feel free to add yours in the Comment section below.

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