Why Upgrading to Windows 10 is a Necessity


Windows 10 code named ‘Threshold’ bridges the gap between PCs and tablets without alienating anyone. The OS combines the best bits of old and new Windows features into a cohesive package, while correcting nearly all of the cons of Windows 8. The process of upragde is mostly painless, and free for most Windows 7 and 8 users. As you usual, Jumia will would provide you with glimpse of what windows 10 is all about

Familiar Start menu

Quickly reach your most frequently used apps, PC settings and add you favorite Live Tiles to the familiar and better-than-ever Start menu.

Windows 10

Cortana is culturally savvy

Cortana is customized to reflect the local language, speech patterns and cultural touchstones for different countries.


Microsoft Edge

Write or type directly on webpages and share your work. Get a premium reading experience—distraction free, and find things faster with the improved address bar.

Windows 10


Not only do your existing games work great, but now you can play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.


With features like Action Center, Task View, Snap Assist and multiple desktops, Windows 10 is all about helping you be more productive.

Windows 10


Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever—with more built-in security to help safeguard against virus, phishing, and malware.

Windows Hello

Show your face or use your fingerprint to login to your new devices running Windows 10 and be recognized and greeted with a smile.


Great Built-in apps

Windows 10 built-in apps like Photos, Maps, Mail and Calendar, Groove, and Movies & TV look and work consistently across all your Windows 10 devices.


Windows 10 adjusts your experience for your activity, device and display so the best screen is always the one you’re using.


The new Windows Store

The new Windows Store has popular free and paid apps, games, movies, TV shows and the latest music all in one place

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