Jumia In the Press


Jumia In The Press

This Week there has been many stories in the press about Jumia. Latest news along with some achievements. I am highlighting top stories about Jumia you might have missed out on this week. Its just a way of catching up and Yes most of them are good articles so you can spend sometime glancing through to know whats up with Jumia asides from the products you see on the website. Jumia is doing great things not only in Nigeria but also around Africa, growing Bigger and delivering smiles to many more people.

This Week’s Top Stories:

Jumia Building Africa’s Amazon on [rad-hl]Bloomberg[/rad-hl]

Co-Founder, Jumia Nigeria Tunde Kehinde’s Interview with [rad-hl]Wbez Chicago[/rad-hl] about the Nigerian Digital MarketPlace

Jumia Nigeria Featured in an Article on [rad-hl]FlyingBlueClub[/rad-hl] about How the company has conquered Nigerian minds and Wallets with Retail in Nigeria

Jumia Launches Playstation 4 in Nigeria with Ps4 Gaming Tournament on [rad-hl]Techmoran[/rad-hl] and also on How Playstation 4 is more preferred in Nigeria than X box on [rad-hl]Techmoran[/rad-hl]

Jumia Launches Playstation 4 First in Nigeria on [rad-hl]Nation Newspaper[/rad-hl]

Jumia Brings Playstation 4 to Africa on [rad-hl]Naij[/rad-hl]

Jumia Featured on [rad-hl]HumanIpo[/rad-hl] with the Sale of Sony Playstation 4 in Nigeria

Two New Store Launch: Jumia Launches Wedding Store and Christmas Store in Nigeria on [rad-hl]BellaNaija[/rad-hl] and [rad-hl]Linda Ikeji[/rad-hl]

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