Reviewing the Affordable Stylish Lenovo C2


How the trends have terribly changed!

You know that quote that says you are just good as the shoes you put on your feet.

That trend has gone to the trash can! You are just as good as the mobile accessories you use! Yes…so if you are still using an android KitKat OS or Gingerbread.

You know where you now lie. When you sit in the bus and your immediate neighborhood is cradling an IPhone 8. And your Tecno D3 or Tecno P5 rings and you just don’t know how to pick it. Because shame is catching you.

Remember what I just told you! You look just as good as the Phone you cradle.

Don’t go broke because of this newsflash. We love you. That’s why there is a price slash on this one. You can still fly a Lenovo C2 like an IPhone 8. If you have a 6.0 Android Nougat, you are not missing out on much.

Today, we deal with the Lenovo C2. And we will be reviewing the awesomeness of this product.

The Lenovo C2 is an amazing phone at a very affordable price. With the Lenovo C2, you enjoy a quality display of 5 Inches in HD. You know what that means right? You enjoy colorful pictures in high quality display over your screen whether it is in pictures of videos.

With the Android version put at 6.0 Marshmallow and Quad core 1.0 Ghz processing speed, you can sift through so many actions from Facebook, to Twitter and Snap Chat without any lags or delays. Your phone doesn’t have to load for longer hours or behave irrationally.

Added to this experience is an 8.0 Megapixel HD Camera at the back that allows you the privilege of sharing your experiences in Higher definition with a 5.0 Camera in front that gives room for selfies and video calls.

What is killing about this product which is so affordable is that it is 4G enabled. Can you beat that?

It is a two sim phone and the battery life is 2750 mAh. It also comes with an external storage capacity of up to 32Gb, 1 gb Ram and 8gb ROM for just #19,000.

This is one phone definitely worth your budget this season! It is very affordable and awesome. Take a look here 

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